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Forge Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

7 months ago @ 3:54PM

Practice Schedule

Saturdays 11-1 pm @ North Stafford

Sundays 1-2:30 pm @ North Stafford 

Team News

7 months ago @ 8:41AM

Girls Tennis Tryouts

We will be having our tryouts at the Augustine Tennis Courts since our courts are out of commission. I know this is weird and not ideal but this is what was available to us.  You will need your own equipment, water, and mask; I recommend one that you can wear around your neck but NOT A GAITOR MASK. Here are the following tryout times:


4/12 9-11am

4/13 3:30-5 pm

4/14 3:30-5 pm (Cancelled)


Please make sure you arrive 10 minutes early so I can get you checked in with the covid forms. Also please make sure you have a physical on file or on hand along with the other athletic forms from the forge athletics page.  I will forward the email I sent about pre season practice again since it outlines covid expectations and has the forms you need linked.


Now as far as practice goes after tryouts. There is some difficulty working in reasonable times for practice at other high schools during the week. They are were willing to give practice time but nothing would be consistent, especially with our crazy schedule when the matches start. So for the sake of consistency. We will have weekend practices at North Stafford High School on Saturday’s 11:00-1 and Sundays tbd (we’ll talk about it).


Can’t wait to see you all on Monday! 


Team News

8 months ago @ 8:56AM

Pre-Season Practice Starts 3/5!

Hey all,

 At this time, pre season practice will be happening at the North Stafford Courts on Mondays from 5-6 pm and  Fridays from 4-5 until the week of 4/12.  These pre season practices are optional and can start this Friday 3/5, you are responsible for your transportation at this time (If you need transportation, please let me know).  Please make sure you either have a current physical on file or bring a copy your first time to the courts.  I will email with updates or if weather doesn't permit.  


Please be mindful of the SCPS Athlete expectations.

  1. Students must remain in car and complete COVID Questionnaire
  2. Temperatures must be taken by coaches upon arrival to  practice or event while you remain in your car
  3. Mask be worn at all times unless exercising strenuously 
  4. Athletes must bring their own water bottles and equipment 
  5. Lockers will not be used
  6. Limited access to BR (1 person allowed to go at a time)
  7. Social distancing of at least 6 ft when not actively competing 
  8. All forms completed on
  9. No outside spectators

I will provide a card with a QR code to the questionnaire for you to keep in your car so you can access it easily.  This is the plan so far.  Please contact me at if you have any further questions.


Coach Harris