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Game Summary

7 months ago


Game Date
Jan 31, 2020


Forge: 13/19/23/8     = 63

North  12/9/20/27     =67

When you're up 14 with 8 minutes to go, you should win that game. The Eagles as they've proven all year struggle to finish jobs and its hurt them in the standing as they fell on Friday night to North Stafford 67-63.

The Eagles came out firing on the road and led most of the opening quarter built on out working North Stafford in the early going. The first adversity on the night was Senior bomber Trevor Franklin (15 points) picked up his second personal foul in what was a whistle fest most of the night. He went to the bench with 3:02 left in the opening frame and didn't return until the second half. 

The Eagles at least acted like they didn't need him going back to work in the second quarter with more hustle and nifty passing plays to post players down low for easy lay-ups and for each lay up the home crowd was kept on their hands for the majority of the first half, taking a 32-21 lead into the halftime locker room.

The Wolverines started with a 9-0 run to start the second half and it got a rather mopey crowd alive and eyes wide open. The Forge didn't flinch as they kept the lead at double digits for most of the third quarter and had a buzzer beater to end the stanza to grow the lead to 55-41 headed into winning time.

The momentum clearly changed at the start of the third as the Wolverines started their run when Javon Swinton stole a pass at midcourt and walked with the basketball so blatently that the only 3 people in the building that didn't see it were carrying whistles. Swinton went in for the hoop and the harm that cut the Eagles lead to 57-47 with 7:25 left in the 3rd. The Forge offense was out of sync but the vibe in the building was they weren't going to get any help until they righted their own ship.

A little over a minute later North got some more home cookin' when Franklin blocked Nashawn Leftridges shot under the basket and swatted it to the left corner. The ball got all the way to the corner before the official on the other side of the lane called a foul on Franklin which sent the Eagle bench into orbit and for the first time in awhile, the scoreboard showed a single digit lead. 

To the Wolverines credit, they got their gift cards and they cashed them in at the free throw line. Swinton cut the Eagle lead to 59-55 with 5:41 left and on the ensuing play the Forge's Martin Kawa was called for a charge in front of the Eagle bench that was clearly the message that it might not be a night for Eagles. In the final 5 minutes of the game the Forge was outscored 11-4 in the conga line to the charity stripe. 

The Forge had let another win slip through their hands and that has been the bug-a-boo for this team this season. They play strong the majority of the game and then they can't seem to finish the job. Two weeks ago the Forge shot 8-20 from the free throw line and that was the difference in the Wolverines 55-52 win in Championville. 

The Eagles fall to 8=11 overall and 4-6 in the Commonwealth District. They will now have to play the role of spoiler and will travel to Massaponax on Tuesday night to try and knock off the Panthers from the deadlock at the top of the district standings. The Wolverines improve to 6-2 in district play and 12-6 overall and they will travel to Brooke Point on Tuesday


Colonial Forge: Josiah Jones 9   ; Watavien Favors 7   ; Tori Donald 0  ; Rashaan Reed 4   ; Martin Kawa 15  ; Trevor Franklin 15  ; Isaiah Wis5e    ; Ashton Schoolfield 0   ; Jay Johnson 0  ; Jalen Elliott 0   ; Chris Boyd; 0   ; Marquise Haskins 0   ; Abdul Kamara 0   ; Failou Diallo 10  TOTAL 63

 North Stafford: Aiden Pittman 0; Javon Swinton 31; Holt Egan 2; Caleb Vasquez 5; Shawn Asbury 0; Nashawn Leftridge 4; Anthony Nieves 0; Cole Maruchi 0; A.J. Labrusciano 0; Ethan Brown 8; Isaiah Shaw 0; Hezekiah Brown 4  TOTAL 67
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