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Team News.

Team News

4 months ago @ 9:17PM

2020 Off Season Conditioning Survey

Please complete take a minute to complete the following survey regarding off season conditioning. 

- Coaches

Team News

1 year ago @ 9:06AM

Beginning the 2020 Lacrosse Season

Important information to start the 2020 season:    

First and foremost, ALL athletes must have a current VHSL sports physical in order to tryout. If you have one from a previous sport this year, please hand a copy to one of the lacrosse coaches. We are required to have them with us during games and practices this year.

[] Wednesday, February 19th @ 6:30pm in the Forge Auditorium - Spring Sports Meeting .  The Athletic Director will speak to all athletes and a parents about the upcoming season.  Athletes intending to play lacrosse must attend with at least one of their parents/guardians.

[]  Tryouts will begin Monday, February 24th 3-5pm at Embrey Mill.  The goal is to publish the Junior Varsity and Varsity Rosters after practice on Wednesday, 26 Feb. Players will need FULL PADS and mouth pieces for each day of tryouts.  (Player without gear should attend practice so we know they intend to participate)

[] Thursday, February 27th at 6:30 we will hold a Lacrosse Parents' meeting in the Forge Auditorium to provide all the information for the upcoming season. 

[] Practices for the first two weeks (2/24 - 3/6) will be on the turf at Embry Mill from 3-5pm.  


We are looking forward to seeing everyone on 19 Feb at the Spring Sports meeting!


Team News

1 year ago @ 1:36PM

Week 1: 24 Feb - 29 Feb 2020

   This week both JV and Varsity will practice at Embrey Mill on field #7 from 3-5pm.  (Even on the half day of school, we will hold true to 3-5pm at Embrey Mill this week)   

Varsity will practice Saturday morning 8:30-10am on our home practice field.

2020 Rosters will be announced Wednesday or Thursday after practice. 

Everyone WILL know if they are on JV or Varsity before Thursday's Parents Meeting which is at 6:30 Multi purpose Classroom beside the Forge Weightroom.

    Practice will get to full speed very quickly.  Please show up well hydrated with full gear, a positive attitude and prepared to put out max effort.

**Reminder: All players must have current physicals on file prior to participating in tryouts.**

The Forge Family is good (and growing).




Team News

1 year ago @ 2:15PM

Winter Wall Ball Challenge

 During the months of December, January and February the Forge player who accumulates the most reps of wall ball each month will win a prize. The player with the most reps total by the first day of tryouts will earn an exemption from the infamous "Eagle Run" that will take place during tryouts at the end of February. (Warning: If a coach accumulates more reps than any single player over the winter than an extra Eagle Run will be added to the first week of tryouts.)

  Reps will be counted and recorded on the Snyper App (which is free to download onto your phone).  When signing up, enter the team code 90158 to join the C Forge Challenge and monitor the leader board.

  Additionally,  Weight room workouts will continue Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-7pm for all interested lacrosse players.


Team News

4 months ago @ 12:33PM


At this time Boys Lacrosse Program will not be participating in pre-season conditioning activities.

Stay tuned to this web page for future updates on the 2020-2021 season.

Team News

11 months ago @ 5:16PM

Week 4: Spring Break

Heading into Spring Break there are a few notes to consider:

- The scrimmage yesterday taught us what we needed to start the season.  Thank you for the effort!

- The school is closed for a deep cleaning until after Spring Break. No staff, coaches and students are not allowed to enter until after March 22nd so the cleaning teams can work their magic.

- Stafford County Public School events are suspended through Spring Break.  We are not to hold any team events (conditioning, practice, scrimmages, etc).  In light of the pandemic, the county will take all precautions necessary to keep everyone safe and healthy.  

 All that to say.... Players need to prepare for the season.  Use the time to improve stick work with wall ball or watch video of the professional players.  One of the key lessons from the scrimmage is that we have plenty of athleticism, but need to refine our fundamentals. There is a ton of potential that we can maximize IF we take a little time each day to practice.

Fingers crossed for the quick return to the season!


Team News

11 months ago @ 11:37AM

Week 3: 9 - 15 March

Thank you to everyone who helped support the Special Olympics event this past weekend!  

This week is busy, please double check times and locations:

Monday, 9 March: 2:30pm Concussion class (meet outside the weight room), followed by practice 3-5pm at Forge

Tuesday, 10 March: 3-5pm Practice at Embrey Mill  (guest coach bio will be discussed prior to practice)

Wednesday, 11 March: 2:30pm Team Photo day followed by JV practice 3-5 at Forge. Varsity Scrimmage at Brooke Point. Bus pick up at 4:30pm, scrimmage starts at 5:30pm.

Thursday and Friday: 3-5pm practice at Embrey Mill

Saturday Varsity: 8:30-10am varsity practice at Forge



Team News

11 months ago @ 7:38PM

Week 2: 2 March - 8 March

    This week, both JV and Varsity will practice at Embrey Mill on field #1 from 3-5 pm. 

**UPDATE:  We  have received permission to practice on Tuesday, 3 March!  See you at Embrey Mill for normal practice on Tuesday**


The Forge Family is good and growing.

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