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Forge Athletics

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Forge Athletics

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Forge Athletics

America's Best Web Site & The Official Web Page of Championville

Team News.

Team News

2.0 months ago @ 12:19PM

End of Season Banquet

We will be holding an End of Season Banquet on Thursday March 24th from 5-7pm in the CFHS Cafeteria. Families are asked to bring a food item to share. Drinks, plates, napkins, and silverware will be provided. Please email a coach if you have any questions!

Team News

3.0 months ago @ 5:26PM

Regional Information

Our meet has been moved back but still happening tomorrow 2/5! Please arrive no later than 12:40. We are the first warmups. 

Warmups: 1:00-2:00

Coaches Meet: 1:00

Sprints: 2:00-2:15

Officials Meeting: 12:30

Timers Meeting: 1:30

National Anthem: 2:20

Competition: 2:30-end


Tickets can be purchased through this link. Cash will not be accepted at the door.


Team News

3.0 months ago @ 8:05AM

State Swimmers


Congratulations to the following swimmers who have qualified to compete in our State Swim Meet. 

-Ian Bennett

-Kevin McGowan

-Samuel Calder

-Daniel Gibbs

-Aubrey Struder

-Ashton Watterson

-Sophia Penton

-Katie Johnson

-Ashley Wang

-Molly Miller

-Emily Harper

-Ainsley Curtin 


The swim meet will be held on Friday 2/18 at the Jeff Rouse Center. Warmups begin at 7:15 so swimmers should arrive no later than 7am. It is a prelim finals meet. 

Team News

3.0 months ago @ 10:12PM

Regional Shirt

Students or families are able to order a Regional Shirt using the link below. The deadline to order is 2/3.

Team News

3.0 months ago @ 9:12PM

Regionals 2/5 and Practice this week

AMAZING JOB at Districts today. Forge Boys won 1st place with 139 points and Girls won 2nd place with 84 points. 

Practices this week from 4-5pm include:

2/1- Practice for those not on a year round team who will be swimming in Regionals

2/2- Fun practice for everyone on our team!

2/3- Practice for those not on a year round team who will be swimming in Regionals

2/4- No practice as Class 5 has their Regionals 



The following swimmers have either placed in the Top 6 in an Individual Event or Top 3 in a Relay at Districts, or made a qulifing cut time. These swimmers will be representing Colonial Forge at Saturday 2/5 at Regionals. 

Keegan Kaczmar, Ashton Watterson, Thomas Sharkey, Aubrey Struder, Samuel Calder, Daniel Gibbs, Kevin McGowan, Ian Bennett

Kathryn Johnson, Emily Harper, Sophia Penton, Ainsley Curtain, Molly Miller, Ashley Wang


Regional Schedule- At Rouse!

Swimmers should arrive by 10am

Warmups will begin at 10:30am

Officials Meeting at 11am

Timer's Meeting at 11:30am

Meet begins at 12pm. 


With all of this, we are the host team and I need 3 parent volunteers for our meet. Please email Coach Bianca if you are able to help! 


Team News

3.0 months ago @ 8:52PM

Districts moved to Monday 1/31

Hello everyone!

I am sure you have heard by now that Districts tomorrow 1/28 has been canceled. We will be rescheduling it for Monday 1/31 at 1pm.  That means that our warmups are at 12pm. Students who drive will be allowed to drive to school and then to the meet. Students who do not drive will meet Coach Barclay by the student parking lot entrance inside and will take a bus to the pool. Everyone is dismissed at 11am. All swimmers will need a ride home from the meet. We will be around 4-5pm. It will not be later than 5pm. 

Please fill out this form regarding how you will be getting to the meet. (students only)

If you are a travel student, please email Coach Bianca what classes and school you travel to. You will not travel on Monday! Instead you will go to the library and participate in your classes virtually. I need to know if you are a travel student for attendance reasons. If you are a travel student please contact your friends who are as well on the team and have them email me!

Everyone is responsible for the work they miss on Monday. You may ask for extensions on assignments but you are not excused from your work just because of the meet. Please contact your teachers now and let them know you will be away. 

Everyone must wear a mask at all times, both at the pool and on the bus. 

At this time I am unsure if we can have buckets or not. You may bring them but NOT use them until we have figured out the rule. It is not up to us nor the Rouse. Districts, Regionals, and States are very strict and have different rules than our normal dual meets. 

If you have any questions, please email Coach Bianca or Coach Barclay. 

Parents can use this link to volunteer.

This year if you are not volunteering and want to come watch you have to purchase a virtual ticket using the website linked here.

Go Forge!!

Team News

4.0 months ago @ 8:49PM

Week 1/24-1/28 Updates

Monday: Lap-A-Thon will be held during practice. All swimmers are asked to attend. The swimmer who swims the most laps and the swimmer who raises the most money will receive a prize. Practice is from 4:00-5:00pm. 

Tuesday: Normal practice from 4:00-5:00pm. 

Wednesday: Normal practice from 4:00-5:00pm. 

Thursday: Everyone is required to attend practice to prepare for Districts on Friday. Practice is from 4:00-5:00pm. 

Friday: DISTRICTS at the Rouse Center. Swimmers should wear Forge apparel. Swimmers should arrive by 4:00. Warmups will begin at 4:30 and the meet at 5:30



Districts: Every swimmer will swim in Districts. However, the number of entries that we were allowed per event and relay is limited, so the number of events that each swimmer will swim could be less than a Dual Meet previous in the season. Events will be given out at practices starting 1/24. Please let the coaches know if you have any questions. 

We need to provide 5 timers, 1 Clerk of the Course, and Stroke and Turn Judges. If you would like to volunteer please email Coach Bianca at 

Team News

4.0 months ago @ 3:49PM

Swim Meet on Friday 1/20

Its our last Dual Meet of the season!

Swimmers should arrive to the pool by 7:15. 

We will be holding Senior Night during the break of the 50 Free events. 

To volunteer please sign up with this link:

Team News

4.0 months ago @ 3:41PM

Stafford Scrimmage Tuesday 1/18

THE MEET HAS BEEN CANCELED**** Due to an asynchronous day tomorrow the meet has been canceled. We will not be rescheduling it. 


For our meet on Tuesday we will have stricter rules than our meets this season. If you were apart of the team last season then you are familiar with the format. 

~No spectators beyond volunteers

~Swimmers will sit in the stands where they put their belongs during practices. 

~Swimmers must remained masked until they are behind the blocks and preparing to swim.

~After each event, swimmers will retrieve their masks and swim the length of the pool.

~For relays, girls will wait on the sides of the pool until after the boys begin their race. They can then go line up along the back wall while waiting for the boys' relay to conclude.

Entries for this meet are limited compared to a normal Dual Meet. Please don't be alarmed if you are only swimming 2 events and you normally swim 3-4. 

Swimmers should arrive at the pool no later than 6:25. 

Below is the link for parent volunteers. We need 10 timers as well as asking for help in other spots that are shared among the teams.


Please let the coaches if you have any questions about the meet. 

Team News

4.0 months ago @ 9:30AM

Makeup Meet against Riverbend on Saturday 1/15 12-2

We will be making up our meet against Riverbend on Saturday 1/15. Warmups will start at 12 and the meet will. begin around 12:20. 

Swimmers should fill out the Google Form sent to them and posted in a post below to notify Coaches if they will be attending the meet on Saturday or not. It will not count against them if they are not able to attend. 

Coaches wanted to provide an additional opportunity for swimmers to get Regional Cuts. 

To volunteer please use this line.

Team News

4.0 months ago @ 9:22AM

Swim Meet vs Massaponax 1/14

Swimmers riding the bus must meet Coach Bianca on the Student Parking Lot side of Forge by 5:45 at Friday 1/14. Swimmers must wear a mask the entire bus ride.

Swimmers riding with their parents should meet Coach Barclay at the Spotsy YMCA by 6:45. You must check in with a coach when you arrive. 

Swimmers should come in their bathing suit as the locker rooms are not available to us. 

Everyone must enter through the Main Entrance of the facility. 

Parents can sign up to volunteer using the following link. Only volunteers are allowed on the pool deck and must wear a mask at all times.

Warmups will begin at 7:15 and the meet will begin at 7:30. 

If your swimmer rides the bus to the meet and would like to ride home with a parent, the parent must sign out the swimmer with Coach Bianca before they leave.  


The address is 5700 Smith Station Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Team News

4.0 months ago @ 9:14AM

Updates as of 1/12

Please read carefully as there is a lot of important information below. 

Results from 1/11 vs Brooke Point

Girls won 190-88

Boys won 177-108

Meet on Friday- Away at the Spotsy YMCA

The bus will leave from Forge at 6pm. Please arrive no later than 5:45 to the student parking lot. Swimmers riding the bus must wear a mask the entire time. If your parent is attending the meet and would like to drive you, you may ride with them. However, students are not allowed to drive themselves to the meet. 

Potential Meet on Saturday

We would like to try and makeup our missed meet from 12/17 against Riverbend. Please fill out the Google Survey to let coaches know if you would be able to attend. 

Google Survey


Senior Night 

We will be holding Senior Night on Friday 1/21 against Stafford. It will be our last meet before Districts. 

Team News

4.0 months ago @ 5:50PM

Meet on 1/11

We WILL have our meet tomorrow 1/11. We are the away team in the deep end of the pool. Please wear all current season Forge gear. Swimmers should arrive at the pool no later than 6:20. 

If you are not going to be at school tomorrow please let one of the coaches know. If you don't go to school tomorrow then you cannot swim in the meet. 

Please email the coaches if you have any questions. 

Please sign up to email to volunteer through this link.

Team News

5.0 months ago @ 6:03PM

Meet on 12/17 Cancelled

Our meet tonight 12/17 has been cancelled. Please contact Coach Bianca or Coach Barclay with any questions or concerns. 

Team News

5.0 months ago @ 12:20PM

Meet vs Riverbend 12/17

Swimmers should arrive to the pool no later than 7:15 wearing their new suit and this year's team shirt. 

Warmups will begin at 7:30 and the meet will begin at 8pm. 

As a reminder, all swimmers and patrons should be wearing a mask. 

Team News

5.0 months ago @ 2:56PM

Volunteering for Friday 12/17

Below is the link to sign up to volunteer for our meet on Friday 12/17. 

Remember we will be honoring our seniors during the meet.

Team News

6.0 months ago @ 12:39PM

Senior Night

Senior Night will be held on Friday December 17th. Families of Seniors are encouraged to volunteer or attend the meet to support their Senior. Seniors will be recognized duing the break. 

Team News

5.0 months ago @ 9:50AM

Team Pictures

Students should wear their current year team shirt and jeans. After school swimmers will meet the coaches in Mrs. Struder's room, #302. 

Pictures can be ordered online using the following information. 

Picture day ID: EVTPM8FVT

Team News

5.0 months ago @ 10:40AM

Conditioning on 12/1

For practice today, swimmers will meet Coach Bianca outside the weight room behind the school. Swimmers should come dressed to be outside and bring all of their belongs with them. Once we go outside we will not have access to go back in. 

Swimmers will be given equipment bags and then we will be going to the fields across from the student parking lot. Parents can pick their swimmers up in the student parking lot at 5pm.  

Team News

5.0 months ago @ 9:43PM

Results vs MV


Boys CF 179- MV 104

Girls CF 147- MV 126


As a reminder tomorrow, Wednesday 12/1, we will hold practice AT COLONIAL FORGE. We will meet outside behind the school looking at the baseball field. Swimmer should come dressed warm in clothes they can condition in. We will not be swimming. 

Thursday 12/2 everyone after school should go to RM 302, Mrs. Struder's room, to wait for our team photo. Please wear your blue shirt and jeans. We will not be swimming. 

Team News

6.0 months ago @ 12:45PM

Practices/Meet Information November 29th-December 3rd

Practices for November 29th through December 3rd are:

Monday: All swimmers should attend and is required before a meet, from 4-5pm. 

Tuesday: No practice due to the meet

Wednesday: Practice will be from 4-5 at COLONIAL FORGE. Location OUTSIDE will be announced soon. Swimmers should come dressed in tennis shoes and warm clothes to condition outside. Year Round Swimmers are not required to attend. 

Thursday: PICTURES! Everyone should attend and meet coaches in Mrs. Struder's room, 302.

Friday: No practice due to the meet



Meet Reminders: Swimmers must attend school the day of any swim meet. If they do not then they are not allowed to compete in the meet. If you have any questions regarding missing school please email one of the coaches. 


Team News

6.0 months ago @ 3:19PM

Captains 2021-2022

Swimmers can vote for Boys and Girls Captains using the Google Form below. 

Samuel Calder-Junior

Hi, My name is Samuel Calder and I would love to be your junior team captain! I can’t wait to share fun and exciting ideas for our team's spirit, bonding, and competitive energy as the Forge Eagles. My focus will be on bringing everyone together to powerfully support every single team member. I am a great candidate due to my depth of experience, commitment and knowledge in and around the pool as a state-champion finalist swimmer for my year-round team, lifeguard, and coach. Thank you for your time and consideration!


Keegan Kaczmar- Junior

Hi my name is Keegan Kaczmar, I am running for your 2021-2022 Junior Varsity Team Captain.

If elected as your team captain I promise to always try my best to make practice fun, help you if you ever have a question about the team, keep you up to date if we are gonna go to IHOP after swim meets, and let you know when and where our pasta party will be. I'll also try my best to come up with new team chants before the meets start. 

I would be honored if you voted for me as your 2021-2022 Junior Varsity Team Captain. If elected there will never be a dull moment and your years on the Colonial Forge High School team will be filled with lots of memories to remember. 


Thomas Sharkey- Senior

Hello everyone, I'm Thomas Sharkey and I would love to be one of your 21-22 senior team

captains! I have been swimming since I was about 8 years old and Bianca was one of my very

first coaches. I’ve been on multiple competitive teams over the years, but nothing truly

compares to the environment of this team. I’ve been on this team throughout all of high school

and my first two years were some of the most fun and exciting due to the environment the

people created. Last year with covid, the team and environment just wasn't the same. But I'm

hoping to rebuild the excitement this team once had and make it a great experience for all the

athletes, and just make it a great overall year for the best swim team in stafford.


Alex Goshorn - Senior 

Hello, My name is Alex Goshorn and I am a senior. I have been swimming for 7 years through Rays and this is my fourth year on the Colonial forge Swim team. I am also a summer swim coach with the Massad Marlins. I love the sport of swimming and I want everyone to love it just as much as I do. I will work to include everyone on the swim team and I want everyone to feel like they belong and that they are a part of the Colonial Forge Swim Family. I want everyone to have fun swimming and I want everyone to be successful. My main goal this year as a possible captain is to make sure everyone is having a good time. Swimming is not fun unless you are with the right group of people. I plan on helping form our team into a family. Go Eagles!!


Ainsley Curtin Junior

Hi everyone! My name is Ainsley Curtin and I would love to be your junior captain! I have been swimming since I was 12 years old. I have swam for Austin Ridge summer team for 6 years and this past summer I was a coach for them. I swam year round for rays for 3 years. My first two seasons on the team some of my favorite things were everyone cheering each other on during meets and all the excitement and energy it brings! Over this season I would love to be your junior captain and help make this season great! 


Katie Johnson- Junior

Swimming has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I swam on Rays for 5 years and this will be my 3rd year swimming on Forge swimming. I have been to states my 2 years on Forge. I will alway support the team- when I was injured at the beginning of my freshman year and couldn’t swim, I still came to the meets and supported the team. I will be the team's cheerleader and will be on the sidelines at every meet and I will always be happy to be there. 



Ashley Wang- Junior

I'm Ashley Wang and I'm a junior. This will be my third year being a part of the forge swim team. I wanted to run for junior team captain this year because I wanted to challenge myself to create a bigger impact on this team. During my freshman and sophomore year, I was able to compete at States and I placed 2nd and third my freshman year and 3rd and 5th my sophomore year. I believe competing at a higher level has taught me a few things along the way and being team captain would allow me to lead and share these things with our team in hopes of bringing our team closer and helping everyone improve and meet their goals this season. I'm excited to see what our team is going to accomplish this year and I would love to be a big part of this team so vote for me!

Sophia Penton Senior

Hi! My name is Sophia Penton and I am a senior this year. I am a year-round competitive swimmer, which may be why you haven’t seen me very much at our practices. I’ve been swimming for over 8 years and it is one of my biggest passions. I really love swimming and I would love to be a team captain this year. As a captain, I would ensure that our team is like a family. I would promote good sportsmanship and I would make sure we have a successful season! I am extremely reliable, supportive, and I care deeply about our team. No matter what you need whether it’s related to swimming or not I’ll always be here to help out! All in all, I would love to have the honor of being one of the senior captains this year. Vote for me for the best season yet!


Calita Vazquez -Senior

Hey everyone! I’m Calita Vazquez. This is my fourth varsity swim season with Colonial Forge and I would love to be your senior captain! I’ve been swimming on a neighborhood swim team since I was 6, and I’ve swam with Rays high school prep for 5 years. You can count on me to be at almost every practice and definitely every meet! You’ll always catch me cheering on my teammates at swim meets and helping in any way I can. As it is my senior season, I can guarantee that if I win I will make this season our best season yet!


Emily Harper -Senior


My name is Emily Harper and I am running to be senior captain. This is my 4th year on the team and I am so excited for this season. For the past 4 years I've also swam for the Potomac Marlins in Fairfax, but I've been swimming competitively for the last 10 years. My favorite parts of forge meets are cheering for the team. Swimming makes me so happy and brings me so much joy. I'm so excited and I know this year will be awesome!




Team News

6.0 months ago @ 11:40AM

Practice 11/22-11/24

Practice on Monday 11/22 and Tuesday 11/23 is as normal, from 4-5pm at the Rouse Center. 

We will also have practice on Wednesday 11/24 from 8-9 am. This practice is highly encouraged for those who have not been in the water prior to this week. Our first meet is on 11/30 that we need to prepare for. 

Please let the coaches know if you have any questions about practices. 

Team News

6.0 months ago @ 11:35AM

Conduct Papers/ Dues/ Captain Nominations

Conduct Papers were handed out 11/16 at practice. If you did not receive one please stop by Coach Barclay at school, upstairs in the English Teacher Workroom, or stop by practice. A Swimming Contract, Emergency Contact Form, and two Code of Conduct Forms must be completed by 11/30. Those who do not turn in their paperwork by 11/30 will not be allowed to participate in the first meet. 

Dues are due by 11/30 and are $60. Checks can be made out to Colonial Forge High School. If you cannot pay your dues please let a coach know before 11/30. 

Captain Nominations are due to Coach Bianca by Friday 11/19 before practice. We will give speeches at the start of practice on 11/19. Votes will be due online by Monday 11/22 before practice. Captains will be announced on 11/22 at the start of practice. We will be voting on one junior boy and girl and one senior boy and girl. Junior captains from last year will continue as a second senior captain this year.  

Team News

6.0 months ago @ 8:04PM

Practice 11/15-11/18

Practices from 11/15-11/18 are from 3:50-5:00 pm. Swimmers should bring a towel, cap, googles, and water bottle. 

If you have not done so please email Coach Bianca,, your suit size (boys either jammer or speedo) and shirt size. 

Team News

5.0 months ago @ 2:10PM

Volunteer Positions for meet on 12/3

Parents, please use the link below to sign up to volunteer for our meet on 12/3. We cannot do it without you and appreciate all of your help!


Team News

5.0 months ago @ 11:14AM

Volunteer Link

Parents please use the link below to sign up to volunteer for our meet tomorrow. Volunteers will need to be at the pool by 6:30 for most positions. The meet will start at 7pm. Warmups begin at 6:30. Swimmers are required to be there at 6:15.

Team News

6.0 months ago @ 4:56PM

2021-2022 Roster

I would just like to thank everyone who tried out for the team this year and the parents who helped time our events for tryouts. It was great to see a lot of returners, as well as new swimmers. Times and stroke techniques were taken into consideration when finalizing the roster. Those who have made the team are listed below. If you have any questions please email one of the coaches.


Craig Bennett

Adelle Bloom 

Ian Bennett

Ainsley Curtin

Samuel Calder

Danielle Fick

William Calder

Sara Gallen

Derek Dykman

Katie Gibbs

Daniel Gibbs

Lilly Green

Alex Goshorn

Emily Harper

Ezra Jackson

Alice Holiday

Keegan Kaczmar

Paulina Ilina

Andrew Mann

Katie Johnson

Gabe Maurer

Micayla Kainu

Kevin McGowan

Bridget Lucas

Ethan Munoz

Mia Luna

Thomas Sharkey

Isabella Mann

Ethan Skees

Heather Meadows

Aubrey Struder

Molly Miller

Landon Walker

Aurora Pagan

Landon Watterson

Sophia Penton

Ashton Watterson

Kaitlyn Shay

Michael Belfer

Lily Shay

Jona Han

Calita Vazquez


Ashley Wang


Mikayla Crews



Team News

6.0 months ago @ 3:06PM

Team Store

Below is a link for CF Swim Gear that can be purchased. The shop will close on 11/10. Please look at the gear if you are interested.

Team News

6.0 months ago @ 11:08PM

Tryout Details


We are less than a week away from tryouts! I hope that everyone is as excited as I am for the season to begin. Below is some important information for tryouts. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns before tryouts. 


A VHSL physical is required before you tryout. It can either be turned into Mr. Hill before Monday, or it can be turned into the coaches at tryouts. I suggest making a copy of your physical and keeping the original at home. A copy of this form can be found on the Forge Athletics website. 


Tryouts will be conducted on Monday 11/8, Tuesday 11/9, and Wednesday 11/10 from 3:50-5:00pm at the Jeff Rouse Center. Only students approved by myself or Coach Barclay will be allowed to make up a tryout day on Thursday 11/11. Those swimmers need to notify us prior to the missed tryout. 


All swimmers must wear a mask into the facility and may not take it off until a Coach has allowed them to do so. Swimmers, coaches, spectators, and volunteers are required to wear a mask unless competing or practicing. 


Swimmers are required to have their own transportation to and from practices. However, if this is an issue please email Coach Bianca before Monday. 


Swimmers should come to tryouts with a one-piece suit, googles, cap, towel, and water bottle. Swimmers are not allowed to share gear, including a towel or water bottle, even between siblings. Please bring your gear to tryouts and practices. 


The final roster will be posted on 11/11 by 6pm to the Forge Athletic website. 

Year-Round Swimmers

This year all year-round swimmers are required to attend all three days of tryouts. If a day is missed due to a school related event, then Thursday is also required. 


Friday 11/12 will be our first practice. We have our first meet at the end of the month and many swimmers have not been in the water in a few months. The time for this practice will be determined this week. After tryout week our practices will be from 3:50-5:00pm. 


I am looking for 3 more parent volunteers to help time for tryouts on Tuesday 11/9 and Wednesday 11/10. Please email me at if you are able to volunteer. 

Let's have a great season!!

Coach Bianca

Team News

7.0 months ago @ 5:40PM


Swim Conditioning will be offered on 10/27 and 10/29 from 4:00-5:00pm at the Jeff Rouse Center. Students must have their own transportation and must have a physical turned into Mr. Hill prior to attending conditioning. 

Team News

7.0 months ago @ 2:15PM

2021-2022 Information


Tryouts will be held on November 8th-November 12th at the Jeff Rouse Swim and Sport Center from 3:50-5:00pm. If a student cannot arrange transportation to tryouts please let Coach Bianca know ( All swimmers must provide their own transportation home after tryouts. 

Swimmers should come onto the pool deck on time with their suit on and with their cap and googles. Swimmers may bring their belongs onto the deck and place into our area of bleachers. 



All students who wish to tryout should have a current VHSL physical on file with the school or turned in to a coach before tryouts begin. Students who do not have a physical will not be allowed to tryout. A copy of the current VHSL physical can be found under the documents tab. 



Team News

5.0 months ago @ 9:30AM

Remind-Parents Only!

Parents can join our Remind Messaging to get updates during the season. Only parents or swimmers older than 18 can join this Remind.

Team News

5.0 months ago @ 9:24AM

Parent Meeting

We will have a virtual Parent Meeting Monday 11/29 at 6pm using the Google Meet Code ForgeSwim. Parents are highly encouraged to attend. If you have any questions please email one of the coaches. 



*Reminder that pictures for swimmers will be held on Thursday 12/2 at Forge directly following the dismissal bell. Swimmers are asked to wear their current team shirt and a pair of jeans without holes.