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Team News.

Team News

5 years ago @ 2:31PM


The coaches would like to invite all athletes and parents to our end of season banquet!  The banquet will be held on Tuesday, March 22nd from 6-8PM in the Forge cafeteria.  If you have any equipment that needs to be returned to the coaches, please return at the banquet.  If you plan on purchasing your warm ups, they are $70 for the set ($46 for the jacket, $24 for the pants), you can purchase these at the banquet.  

We also need some information from the athletes on lettering.  If you attended the conference championship meet on February 4th, you earned a letter!  Please let the coaches know by Friday (March 4th) if any of these apply to you:
1) If you have already earned a letter in swimming at Forge
2) If you have already earned a letter in another Forge sport besides swimming
3) You have not earned a letter from Forge high school
Thank you and hopefully we will see you all there!

Team News

5 years ago @ 2:29PM by Michael Fox-Moles

Region Meet Inclement Weather Plan

In the event that there is inclement weather on Saturday, 2/13, preventing the Region meet from occurring, the meet will be moved to Sunday, 2/14, at the same time. The time line will remain the same for the meet as well as our travel arrangements, only the date will change.

As of now, everything is still scheduled for Saturday, 2/13.

Team News

5 years ago @ 9:11PM

No Practice 2/12

Due to issues with the heating system at woodlands, there will be no practice tomorrow(2/12).  Please refer to the information below for details on the regional meet.
The regional swim meet is in Virginia Beach at Princess Anne Recreation Center (1400 Nimmo Pkwy, Virginia Beach, VA 23456).  This is a 3 hour drive and we will be taking a charter bus to the meet.  The bus will leave CFHS at 7:30AM so please be at the school by 7:15.  Warm ups will begin at 11:00 and the meet begins at 2:00.  CFHS will be providing dinner for the athletes, each swimmer will split a pizza with another swimmer on the way home. Lunch and breakfast will not be provided so please make sure you eat before we leave and bring enough money to purchase food and T-shirts at the meet.  Mrs. Garrity has graciously offered to provide snacks for the swimmers and anyone else who is willing to bring something is more than welcome. 
As always, if there are any questions, please email the coaches.

Team News

5 years ago @ 2:47PM


First of all, the coaches would like to congratulate everyone for their excellent swims at the conference meet on Thursday.  You all worked very hard this season and we could not be more proud.  The following swimmers have qualified for the Region 6A South swim meet this Saturday:

Olivia Apitz
Grace Bloom
Madi Douglas
Keara Garrity
Elyse MacIsaac
Kira Minicucci
Megan Simpson
Torii Waisanen
Chris Cook
Austin Hallas
Cole Henson
Chris Hickey
Owen Kratowicz
Ian McTarsney
Nolan Monahan
Jack Sheehan
If you qualified for the region meet, you will need to come to practice this week.  Practices will begin at 5:45AM, so be at the pool by 5:30 for stretching.  We expect year round swimmers to be at 3 practice this week, one of the practices being Friday. 
We leave for regions at 7:30 am on Saturday, so be at the school by 7:15.  The meet begins at 2:00 and will be held at Princess Anne Recreation Center in Virginia Beach.  We expect to be back from the meet around 9 or 10. 

If you have any questions, email one of the coaches.

Team News

5 years ago @ 12:08PM


First of all we would just like to let everyone know that they did a great job at the meets this weekend!  We appreciate everyone's flexibility in all the schedule changes.  This will be our last week of practices with the entire team.  Our final meet is the conference championships which everyone will attend.  After conferences, we will let swimmers know if they qualified for regions or states and when we need them to come to practice.  Since this is our last week, please return the equipment bags by Thursday.  Below are details about the events this week:

Practices:  We will have practice Monday - Wednesday this week.  Year round swimmers are expected to attend 2 practices.  Everyone must be at Wednesday morning practice to participate in the meet Thursday.  
Conference Meet:  The meet will begin at 2:00 at Freedom Aquatics Center in Manassas.  Please be aware that this is a championship meet and entries are limited.  There will be no exhibition heats and coaches can only submit 1 relay. This means that some swimmers may only swim 1 event.  
Parents - There is a $7 entrance fee for conferences and programs will cost $2.  In the information that the coaches were given (attached in the "files" section) we were told that timers would not have to pay the entrance fee.  However, parents said that in past years, the timers did have to pay the entrance fee.  Please come prepared either way.  
Swimmers - We will be leaving CFHS at 11:45 on Thursday.  You will go to first lunch (right after 2nd block) and be dismissed shortly after.  An email will be sent to your teachers to excuse you from your last 2 classes.  You are responsible for any work missed in those classes.  Make sure you get your work from your teachers before Thursday.  
Pasta Party:  Last but not least, we did not get to have our pasta party at the Garrity house last week!  We are going to make up that pasta party on Wednesday to prepare for the conference meet.  Whatever you planned to bring the the pasta party on the 21st, you can bring this Wednesday.  Since this is our last pasta party of the season (with the whole team) it would be really great if everyone could be there.  If you plan to attend, sign up at practice this week.  The party will go from 6-8 and will be located at 6 Blacksmith Court.
If you have any questions please feel free to email the coaches.

Team News

5 years ago @ 5:58PM


I'm sure some of you may be aware that tomorrow there is no school for students, but Friday and weekend activities will go on as scheduled.  Therefore, we will have our meets on Friday(Riverbend) and Saturday(Gar-Field) with Saturday being our senior meet.  We will have the 6:00 warm up for both meets so please be at Woodlands by 5:45. 
Underclassmen, we will be making posters for senior night at CFHS at 2:15pm tomorrow.  If you can make it, please come and help out! 
Seniors, if you have not sent the coaches your information please do so by Friday afternoon.

Team News

5 years ago @ 6:03PM

Senior Night Information

As of right now the senior meet is scheduled for Saturday, January 30th.  To prepare for the meet we are going to need all classes to help us out.  

Underclassmen - We need all juniors to help set up for the meet after school on Friday, January 29th in room 208.  Freshmen and Sophomore and welcome to help but we are making this a requirement for the juniors.  If you cannot make it please let the coaches know.  

Seniors - We need some information from you!  Please email the coaches with the following info:

-Years on the team
-Favorite Event
-Least Favorite Event
-Favorite memory on the team
-Plans after graduation (where you plan to attend school/what you plan to study)

Thank you everyone for your help.  We will keep everyone updated throughout the week in regards to the weather conditions.  

Team News

5 years ago @ 11:06AM

January 11-16

Hope you all had a great weekend!  The coaches would just like to congratulate everyone who attended the Kecoughtan Invitational on Saturday.  It was a long day for the swimmers but they did a fantastic job!  There is another invitational this Saturday that is open to all swimmers.  More information is on the website and will be included in this email.  Please take a look at the breakdown of this upcoming week.
Practices:  We will have practice Monday-Thursday this week.  Year round swimmers are expected to come to two practices.  Everyone must be at practice on Thursday in order to participate in the meet on Friday. 

Pasta Party:  The Minicucci and Douglas Families have signed up the host the pasta party this Thursday.  The pasta party will be located at 3 Palladio Drive (Amyclae Subdivison) near Rodney Thompson.   If you plan on attending the pasta party, please sign up at practice and indicate what you plan to bring.  If your last name begins with A-E please bring a drink,  F-L bring a dessert and M-Z bring a side.

Meets:  Our meet on Friday is against Brooke Point High School.  The meet will begin at 6:30 with warm ups beginning at 6:00.  Please be at the pool by 5:45 to change and stretch. 

The Battlefield Invitational is this Saturday at Central Park Aquatics Center in Manassas with warm ups begin at 3:00.  The coaches will arrange for a bus to leave CFHS at 1:45 on Saturday.  As coaches announced at practice, this meet is optional.  We would like as many people as possible to come but we understand if there is a conflict.  If you plan on attending please sign up for which events you would like to swim on Sign Up Genius:  Note this does not guarantee you will be swimming those events, but it does give the coaches an idea of what you would like to swim.  Also, we will need to provide 4 times for this meet.   If you are interested in timing, sign up as a timer in the Sign Up Genius.  Sign ups will be open until midnight on Tuesday, January 12th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the coaches.


Team News

5 years ago @ 3:38PM

Kecoughtan Invitational Information

Congratulations to all swimmers who qualified for the Kecoughtan Invitational this Saturday!  The coaches are looking forward to this very competitive meet.  Below are a few details on practices and the timeline of the invitational:

Coaches ask that swimmers who are attending the invitational come to practice on Friday of this week to work on relay exchanges, starts, and turns.

The bus will leave CFHS at 4:30 Saturday morning.  Please be at the school by 4:20AM so we can be on the road in time. 

Warm ups will begin at 7:00AM for prelims and 4:00PM for finals.

The coaches have arranged for the bus to take athletes to get food after prelims and finals.  However, we recommend that they bring some snacks to munch on in between.  If any parents are willing to donate snacks for the team (14 swimmers), that would be greatly appreciated.

With that being said, bring some money for food and to purchase t-shirts incase there are any on sale at meet.

The bus should arrive at CFHS between 9:30 and 10:00 that night, however will we have swimmers call when we get close just in case the meet runs long or there is traffic. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email the coaches.

Once again congratulations on qualifying for this event.  We look forward to some awesome swims this Saturday.  Go Eagles!

Team News

5 years ago @ 12:46PM

Winter Break Schedule

Only 2 more school days until Winter Break!  Take a look at the practice schedule below.  If there is a conflict with holiday traveling, please email the coaches to let them know.
12/21-12/22 5:15-6:15AM
12/23 6:30-8:30AM
12/28-12/31 6:30-8:30AM
The days we don't have school, we will be doing dryland conditioning before we get into the pool.  Bring sneakers to these practices! Year round swimmers are expected to attend 2 practices a week over winter break.
Our next meet is the Kecoughtian Invitational on January 9th.  Athletes who qualified for this meet will be announced at practice on Monday.
Feel free to email if you have any questions and have a wonderful break!

Team News

5 years ago @ 10:13AM by Michael Fox-Moles

Fan Apparel Online Store Active

Please find the website for our online fan apparel store below. Please note that swimmers are not required to purchase anything from the site, the gear is simply available for those who would it.
The site will only be active until 11:59pm on December 21st (I've asked for an extension to the 24th and will keep the team updated) after which the orders will be finalized and shipped. The pdf attached has the available apparel and prices.
Please also note the other applying conditions:

Welcome Colonial Forge Swim!

• SALE DEADLINE EXPIRES PROMPTLY: Monday Dec.21st @ 11:59pm

• We've got to get your gear to you - That means additional orders will NOT be accepted after sale deadline.

• All sales are final.

• If an item becomes unavailable, you'll be notified and your credit card will be refunded.

• Orders will not be processed until the sale has expired.

• All screen printed items must reach a 6 item total minimum across the total orders of the sale to be printed - so if you want one, be sure to tell your friends!

• Orders will not be processed until the sale has expired. Delivery is approximately 3 to 4 weeks from the close date of the store.

• Orders will be sent to the school for distribution by your coach.

Team News

5 years ago @ 1:12PM

December 14 - 18

Practices: Practices will be from 5:15-6:15 Monday through Thursday.  Please be at the pool by 5:05 for stretches.  Year round swimmers are required to come to two practices this week, one of them being Thursday.  Thursday's practice will focus on starts, turns and relay exchanges as it is the practice before the meet.  All swimmers must be at practice on Thursday to participate in the meet Friday.
Meets: We have a meet on Friday this week against Mountain View.  The meet is at Woodlands pool and warm ups will begin at 6:00PM.  Please be at the pool by 5:45 as we are the home team and will have first warm ups.  Swimmers will wear their warm ups to school on Friday for this meet. 
Pasta Parties: The pasta party this week will be hosted by the Apitz family.  There will be a sign up sheet at practices this week.  If you are attending the pasta party please bring a side, drink or dessert to share with the team.  If your last name begins with A-E please bring a side,  F-L bring a drink and M-Z bring a dessert.  The address is 89 Brush Everard Court, Stafford, VA.
Winter Break Practices: There will be practices over winter break.  Since we have school Monday and Tuesday the 21st and 22nd practices will be at 5:15 AM.  We will have practice Wednesday the 23rd, and Monday - Thursday the following week.  There will not be practice on the 24th, 25th or the 1st.  If a swimmer cannot make it to holiday practices, please let the coaches know as soon as possible.  Coaches are arranging times with Woodlands pool.  More information on holiday practices will be sent out later this week. 

Team News

5 years ago @ 9:51AM

Team Suits

Team suits SHOULD be in today.  Coaches were told that the suits would be in by yesterday so we are hoping to get them sometime today.  In the event that the suits do not come in, we will send a rained out message around 3:00pm.  If you need to join our rained out account please go to the following link:

Team News

5 years ago @ 10:14AM

December 7 - December 11

Good Morning Everyone!

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Below you will find information regarding the schedule for the next week.

Practices: There will be practices Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week.  We will not have practice Wednesday and Friday due to meets.  Tuesday's practice will focus on starts, turns, and relay exchanges.  This practice may end a few minutes early.  We ask that year round swimmers come to two practices this week.

Meets: We have 2 this week!  Our meet on Tuesday will be against North Stafford at Woodlands Pool.  The meet is expected the start around 6:00, but swimmers may not enter the pool until 5:45.  We ask that swimmers report to woodlands by 5:40 on Tuesday.  Our Friday meet will be against Massaponax at the Spotsylvania YMCA at 7:30PM.  There will be a bus picking up swimmers from the high school at 6:00.  We ask that swimmers report to Colonial Forge by 5:45; the bus will be leaving at 6:00!  If you cannot attend one of these meets please e-mail the coaches.  We need documentation at least 24 hours in advance.

Volunteers: We now have a Sign Up Genius for volunteers!  To sign up for a slot go to  The coaches have decided that since high school meets are significantly shorter than summer meets, parents will sign up for 2 full meet sessions per swimmer as opposed to 4 half meet sessions.  Also, if you are interested in volunteering as a stroke and turn judge or an official, the certification is completely online!  Go to the following link if you are interested in getting certified:

Pasta Parties: The Flanagan and Benoit family will host our first pasta part of the season!  The pasta party will be held at 42 Easter Drive (Berkshire subdivision) from 6-8PM Monday evening.  Swimmers have been signing up for side dishes to bring at practice and we will continue to have the sign up sheet Monday morning.  We encourage all swimmers and parents to attend.  We are also looking for a family to host a pasta party for the Friday meet.  If you are interested in hosting please email Coach Megan ( 

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful Sunday!

Megan McDonald
8th Grade Mathematics Teacher
Shirley Heim Middle School
Girls Head Swim Coach
Colonial Forge High School
(540) 658-5910

Team News

5 years ago @ 2:18PM

Picture Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Picture Day!  Swim team pictures are scheduled for 5:35 so please report to the gym by 5:20. 

Student Athletes/Parents can order online (using the code below) by logging on to
the Code is as follows:
COL - Colonial Forge
Winter ID# MJ065380X0

Team News

5 years ago @ 6:26PM by Michael Fox-Moles

Dec. 2nd Practice - Canceled

Practice for Wednesday is canceled due to having the 8:30pm meet slot on Dec. 1st

Team News

5 years ago @ 8:25PM by Michael Fox-Moles

Meet Volunteers and Info - Dec. 1st

We'd like to call for volunteers for our first meet against Stafford on December 1st. While Stafford will be covering the officials needed for the meet, we need to provide half the timers needed for the meet. Timers work either the first half or second half and we need 12 timers per half. A volunteer is needed for each swimmer for 4 shifts per season (unless unusual circumstances present themselves), without our volunteers we wouldn't be able to swim. If you're interested in volunteering for this meet, please respond to this email saying so.
Additionally, we would like to have 3-4 officials and 1 scorer standing by in the event that we need to assist Stafford in the officiating of the meet, so if you are a trained official and are interested in being on stand by for our first meet, please respond to this email.
For our meet against Stafford, we are asking swimmers to meet at Woodlands pool at 7:55pm on Tuesday December 1st for our first meet.  Practice has been canceled Tuesday morning to allow us to be fresh for our meet at 8:30pm.
We will not have our swim suits for our first meet, as we have had some unexpected issues getting the test suits for swimmers to try on. We will be ordering in bulk on Wednesday and swimmer will be able to try on a suit for sizing purposes Tuesday at the meet. We will order the suits from the team account, but the suit itself must be paid for before it will be given to swimmers. Unfortunately, we are unable to subsidize the cost of swim suits this year. If payment is an issue, please get into contact with one of the coaches. In light of this, swimmers are asked to bring a suit of any color without other team markings or a suit from a previous season to compete in.

Team News

5 years ago @ 6:23PM by Megan Smickley

Pasta Party Sign Ups

There will be a pasta party sign up sheet at practice tomorrow morning.  If any parents are interested in hosting a pasta party the night before a meet, please have your child sign up tomorrow for your preferred date.  Thank you for your help!

Team News

5 years ago @ 7:20PM by Michael Fox-Moles

Tuesday, December 1st Practice Canceled

There will be no practice Tuesday, December 1st due to our meet being scheduled for that night. Swimmers are expected at Woodlands pool no later than 7:55pm for our meet beginning at 8:30 pm.

Team News

5 years ago @ 4:07AM by Michael Fox-Moles

Team Selection Information - Practice Schedule

Both the Men and Women's Teams have been selected. There have been no cuts to the teams and every student-athlete who has completed the try-out is eligible to participate and compete this season.

The team roster will go up as soon as each student-athlete's eligibility to participate is confirmed. In order to practice and compete, each student-athlete must have the Stafford County Public Schools' Athletics and Activities Code of Conduct Signature Packet completed and submitted. If this has not been received, then the student-athlete cannot practice or compete and their name will not appear on the roster. In addition, the CFHS Swim Team Policies form must also be completed and submitted in order to practice and compete.

If you or your student-athlete are not listed on the roster, please email the coaches to discern the reason why.

Student-athletes who have had a special circumstance hindering their ability to try-out that was discussed with the coaches prior to team selection are still eligible to qualify for the team, but must meet the expectations outlined with coaches in each circumstance.

Practices run regularly Monday - Friday from 5:15 a.m. - 6:15 a.m.

Student-athletes are expected at every practice per the Practice Policy.

Student-athletes who compete for a USA Swimming Team are expected to have the days they will be attending per the updated Practice Policy set and confirmed with the coaches so that practices can be planned accordingly.

Congratulations to our new and returning Swimming Eagles!


Team News

5 years ago @ 11:14AM

Practice Bus Update

Unfortunately due to lack of interest there will not be a bus bringing swimmers from practice to school in the morning.  We needed at least 20 swimmers to use the bus for transportation to provide one which we did not have.  Swimmers will have to arrange rides with each other if parents cannot provide one.  We apologize for this inconvenience.  Thank you for understanding.


Team News

5 years ago @ 6:46AM by Michael Fox-Moles

Updated Practice Policy

Outlined in the Parent/Athlete informational meeting on 11/5/15 the coaches were incorrect in their understanding that there was a Virginia High School League policy requiring student-athletes to attend the regularly scheduled practice immediately prior to a competition in order to be eligible to compete at said competition. This is not the case and the coaches were mistaken. Coaches accept full responsibility for this mistake.

Updated team practice policy in light of this update:

In the event of a competition on a Friday, there will be no practice on Friday morning. Student-athletes who additionally compete for another team outside of CFHS Swim Team are expected to attend practice on Thursday and one additional practice during the week. This is to allow coaches to meet with student-athletes and set the meet line-up accurately.

In the event of a competition on a Tuesday, there will be practice Tuesday morning but no practice, or an optional practice, the following day on Wednesday. Student-athletes who additionally compete for another team outside of CFHS Swim Team are expected to attend the Tuesday practice and one additional practice during the week. This is to allow coaches to meet with student-athletes and set the meet line-up accurately.

In the event of weeks with two meets, practice will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Student-athletes who additionally compete for another team outside of CFHS Swim Team are expected to attend the Tuesday and Thursday practices. This is to allow coaches to meet with student-athletes and set the meet line-up accurately.

During weeks without meets, student-athletes who only compete for CFHS Swim Team are expected at all practices. Student-athletes who additionally compete for another team outside of CFHS Swim Team are expected to attend 3 practices a week of their choosing. These student-athletes are still expected to notify coaches on the practices they choose to attend so that practice can be planned accordingly.

Team News

5 years ago @ 11:17AM

Practice Bus

Attention Parents - We are working on getting a bus to bring students from practice to school in the morning.  Unfortunately, the bus will not be ready to go Monday morning.  Please arrange a ride for your athlete after practice on Monday.  We are trying to get the bus by Tuesday or Wednesday.  We will keep you updated. 


Also don't forget to sign up for our rained out account for text alerts: